What is iMediaBay?

iMediaBay partners with your business to produce smart creative content that will put your brand on the map. Streamlining the creative production processes, we have helped many organizations stay ahead of the competition and communicate efficiently with their customers, as their brand partner.

Catering to all your advertising, branding, and customer experience needs, iMediaBay is renowned for its straightforward pricing, where clients only pay for the final version that they use, and not for all the iterations.

Why choose us?

Unlimited Iterations

Your wish is our command. We offer iterations and options until you are satisfied.

Quick Turnaround

Churning out quality content within short deadlines is what sets us apart from the rest.

Straightforward Pricing

Our clients pay only for the versions they use, and not the options they see.

Designer Network

Our network of designers from across the world, bring your brand's vision to life.

Our Logo

We remember great brands by their logo, that's where half the story is. So, we decided to let the little Japanese Pufferfish tell our tale. Tiny as it might be, the Japanese Pufferfish creates designs on the ocean floor that sets it apart from its peers and that's exactly what we do! We build an identity so unique for your brand that your customers would be drawn to your business and you would stand ahead of the competition.

Help us build your brand identity, that would be cherished like the art of the Japanese Pufferfish!

Our Team


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CSM-Brand Success


Art Director


CSM - Video Production


CSM - Quality Assurance


CSM - Content Creation


CSM - Quality Assurance


CSM - Community Management


Visual Effects


Graphic Design


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