The emblem of an empire speaks volumes of the country - The story behind ours is everything that we stand for!Inspired by Mother Nature’s finest artist – Japanese Pufferfish and his work of marvel to impress the female counterpart, we work tirelessly to create digital marvels that fuel our passion infinitely. Just like him, we get the best deliverables in the quickest time possible, working tirelessly to meet your requirements! Precision, you ask? Try it for yourself.

story Of iMediaBay

As we create magic for you, ours was nothing short of a fairy tale with innumerable Fairy God Mothers around the world help us get your work done in the most marvellous way possible, but just like every saga has a beginning, we have one too.

Many blue moons ago, there lived two kingdoms in harmony, each with wonders to flaunt to the world around. The Kingdom of Boost Media, every inch of which was filled with creativity that made everyone gape in awe, and the Empire of iOpex with stories oh so popular of its muscles, strength, courage and tenacity.

Unlike much of the stories, there was no war to conquer – but rather a vision and a common goal of making the world a better place to be. As fates would have it, the Royalties met.

Days later with much of pomp and splendour, and weeks of celebrations of all its civilians, a new Empire was formed and named as iMediaBay.

Celebrations went on for weeks, and if truth to be told, celebrations continue to this day, years later; and rest as they say, is history!

Moral of the story – United we fly, elevated we soar!

Leadership Team

iMediaBay's sole purpose is to create innovative designs that communicate your brand stories loud and clear and help you stand out from the crowd