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Wealthy Retailer receives theme based brand style guide for website promotions

Theme based brand style guide

A powerful and Wealthy Retailer wanted to take the online e-commerce route to attract more customers. He was in the habit of attractively decorating his store for every major festival (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas) and was keen to adopt the same approach for his website as well. For this, he required a theme based brand guide that could help him in the with the website promotions. This is when iMediaBay walked into the store to help our Retailer.

iMediaBay did a detailed research of the store, understood their promotions, analyzed their creatives and collected all their store photographs. Based on all this they developed a comprehensive digital brand style guide which helped the Retailer navigate through the website promotions. The Retailer was satisfied and found the guide pretty useful in his online promotional efforts.

Moral of the story:
He who does a thing well does not need to boast.

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