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Lady duo launch successful interactive email campaign

Interactive HTML5 E-mailer adaptable across e-mail Marketing

The two friends, one was a journalist and the other was an entrepreneur, ran their own business house. Each of the ladies brought in their own set of contacts, know-how and acumen. They were helping advertising companies with accurate data and analysis to make informed decisions. At this juncture, they needed a Creative Specialist who could come up with new ideas to engage with their users. iMediaBay was selected to help them with the design and launch of an interactive email campaign.

iMediaBay designed email HTML5 that was compatible across email marketing platforms. This email campaign blast turned out to be a big success connecting the ladies with a whole bunch of users. The lady duo was thrilled and appreciated the ideas and execution of iMediaBay.

Moral of the story:
Without customers, you don't have a business. You have a hobby.

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