Computer savvy woman sets up brand image for her start up

Interactive sequence of screens improves plugin performance

A smart young woman extremely adept with computers was well known for the plugin she offered that could magically delete online data. This efficient plugin installed on your browser would open up a set of screens that would take you through the process of deleting all cached and historical data in any of the digital platforms you may be active on. She required a clean and functional set of screens for this plugin, in other words, she wanted an excellent user experience for the plugin screens. And in came iMedia Bay as Creative UX specialists.

iMediaBay having reviewed the plugin functionalities designed a neat and nimble set of screens. Irrespective of the social media platform, it designed an interactive set of screens that would help any type of user to: install – initiate – delete and repeat. The computer savvy woman was thrilled to see the ease with which her users were deploying the plugin.

Moral of the story:
Necessity is the mother of invention

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