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IT expert enhances customer experience with revamped website

Website redesign and inclusion of new pages

An IT expert who had his own new generation organization helping customers with optimized IT management services wanted to revamp his website and add a few new service offerings. And in this process, he wished to make his site more responsive, geared towards his target audience and give it a refreshing new spin with fresh colors and designs. He also wanted to improve the overall customer experience and make it mobile responsive as well. He went to iMediaBay the Creative Specialists.

iMediaBay redesigned the IT expert’s website making sure it connected well with its target audience, resonated well with the core offerings and was adaptable to mobile and other devices. Its website design team swung into action to give a fresh new look which was vibrant and professional as well. The IT expert was indeed happy and vowed to work with iMediaBay for all future projects.

Moral of the story:
Business has only two functions marketing and innovation

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