Retail Chain's Journey to Market Success

Our knowledge and experience went into building this global retail chain's marketing success. Explore their journey now!

Our journey together

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    The Problem

    A leading multinational ecommerce and multi-brand retail corporation had a partnership with two different vendors to help manage its ad operations and the creative operations for digital paid ads in its ecommerce platform respectively. However, using two different vendors posed a challenge in establishing harmony in the operations between the creative and campaign teams.

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    The Challenge

    The company wanted to bring all the operations under the roof of one vendor to establish synergies of scale and operational efficiency. This was essential to delivering maximum ROI for the partner brands that advertised in its platform in order to ensure consistent campaign spend from them.

    iMediaBay was chosen as the preferred vendor to manage both the creative operations and the ad operations for the ad campaigns run by partner brands in its ecommerce platform.

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    Our Solution

    iMediaBay went about establishing its foothold in the operations in four steps:

    • • Taking control of the ad operations
    • • Taking control of the creative operations
    • • Establishing working synergies
    • • Automation and standardization
    Taking control of the ad operations

    As part of the ad operations, after taking control of the operations post training and handover phase, the iMediaBay team started studying all the operational task and started identifying areas for improvement and standardization. During this phase, the team size was also expanded to 40 to handle the scale of operations and the peak season demands. Additionally, to drive immediate benefits, focus was paid on improving the campaign optimization and reporting areas through standardization.

    Taking control of the creative operations

    As part of the creative operations, the client wanted iMediaBay to produce all the creatives that will be used to run for the partner ad campaigns in its platform. This was essential to ensure consistency in look and feel of its ecommerce pages and the partner brand ads being programmatically displayed in its these pages.

    iMediaBay started with a team of 15 designers to start designing the campaign creatives based on the client’s brand guidelines while also resonating with the message that particular brand creative had to convey. A suitable workflow process was established to enable a coherent way of working from creative brief, to creative production to feedback and approval.

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    Working Together

    Establishing working synergies

    Once stability was established in both the ad operations and creative operations areas, iMediaBay started focusing on establishing working synergies between the two structures. The key was to establish processes to provide insights from each campaign of each brand to the creative team working on producing the creatives of the next campaign of the same brand.

    With the insights from the campaign reports, the creative team was able to analyze and figure out the products, placements, copy text, colors, styles within the creatives that worked best for each partner brand. This started providing a visible increase in the ROI of each partner brand campaign.

    Automation and Standardization

    At the end of first year, iMediaBay started establishing processes to increase campaign ROI and drive down campaign costs through AI driven automation in ad operations and campaign effectiveness by driving more insights from ad campaigns into creative operations.

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    The Outcome

    By the end of the first year, iMediaBay was able to bring in cost savings of 40% in ad operations and around 20% increase in campaign ROIs.

What's in the pipeline?

Increasing Efficiency and Standardization

Based on the success of the first year of engagement, the customer and iMediaBay are looking towards a longer and stronger association with more focused campaigns and streamlined operations to help build efficiency and standardization. An extensive array of services is being built to facilitate working with more such clients in the future.