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BetterHelp | Designing the Future of Well-Being

BetterHelp is a portal which provides customers direct access to behavioral health services online. Facilitating online counseling and therapy services, BetterHelp extends it's services to users on multiple platforms like web-based interactions, phone, as well as text communication.

Our journey with BetterHelp

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    How it all started

    Building a strong online presence and credibility in a sustainable manner was a challenge. In 2015 a suggestion was made to associate with iMediaBay to finding a solution to this challenge. This laid the foundation for the BetterHelp - iMediaBay partnership.

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    The Challenge

    BetterHelp had to build a strong online brand presence that would help them connect with their customers better. After hours of discussion, it was decided to create a series of online campaigns that would contribute to building BetterHelp's brand identity.

    Building an online presence for a multi-channel platform in a sensitive industry through engaging media messages that would communicate the value proposition without any distortion in a sustainable and cost effective manner was the challenge that iMediaBay took into its hands.

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    How BetterHelp and iMediaBay Worked Towards a Solution

    In the initial stage, it was decided to create a series of static ads that showcase the service offerings of BetterHelp across platforms. While the ads did draw the traction the client desired, our Creative Success Managers suggested we build a series of videos for the client to further increase traction. This suggestion was taken on face value as the clients developed an immense amount of trust in the suggestions and feedback provided by the design team at iMediaBay.

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    The Outcome

    Creating a better online impact for BetterHelp with multiple ad formats and creatives during their growth journey with iMediaBay helping them as their creative partner. The 5-year long journey has seen the evolution of creatives at BetterHelp from static ads, animations, videos, live shoot, to cinemagraph and the journey continues.

    The data-driven suggestions, industry insights, and quality of work delivered by iMediaBay get recommended to everyone in BetterHelp management’s network, which is a symbol of the trust we have built over the years.

Creatives done for BetterHelp

What's in the pipeline?

Going The Video Way!

After the success of the video ads, BetterHelp has proposed to shoot a lot of live action videos to increase engagement. These video shoots would be done by iMediaBay, who would work on everything from the scripts to storyboards, to the video production and branding.